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Michigan State Law is pleased to provide the following donor-funded scholarships and book awards made possible by alumni and friends. The Office of Advancement works closely with alumni and friends to make scholarship support possible. Donors understand the need to help provide a quality legal education to tomorrow’s students.

Professor-Recommended Scholarships

The following will be awarded based upon recommendation of individual professors whose students meet merit and scholarship criteria:

Andrew Morganti Book Award

The Donald Campbell Award

State Bar Health Care Law Scholarship

Noah Cooper Scholarship

Scholarships and Awards Based on Successful Competition

The following will be awarded to current students who prove successful in competitions:

Alton T. Davis Moot Court Scholarship (Fall 2015 distribution)

Eve August Moot Court Scholarship

Application-Based Scholarships

Current students will be notified via e-mail when the following scholarships are accepting applications:

Alvin J. Storrs Scholarship (Fall 2014 distribution)

Barrister’s Ball Scholarship

Black Law Student Association

Chicago Area Alumni Scholarship

Dan Barnhizer and Kevin Saunders Poland Scholarship

Florida Scholarship

Grand Rapids Scholarship

Ida & Benjamin Alpert Foundation for Myron & Doris Alpert

Jackson Lewis Scholarship

Jewish Legal Society Scholarship

John R. Grace Law Review Scholarship

Joseph Lupton Memorial Scholarship 

Law Review Scholarship

McLean Conservation Scholarship/Glassen Foundation

MSU College of Law Faculty Endowed Scholarship

Professor Michelle LaForest Halloran Endowed Clinic Scholarship

Nicholas Wittner Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Robert C. Trojanowicz

Phoenix Area Scholarship

S. Gary Spicer, Sr. Sports Law Scholarship

Stokes-Hoffman LGBT Scholarship

Tri-State Scholarship (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)

Trustee Elaine Fieldman Bar Exam Scholarship

Richard and Rajkumari Wiener Scholarship

Washington DC Scholarship

Admissions Scholarships

All candidates who apply to Michigan State Law by February 1 will be given full consideration for scholarship aid, including the scholarships listed below. A separate scholarship application is not required. More information on scholarships and grants is available here and here.

Abraham Thomas Award

Arthur Lederle Award

Dan Downy Hockey Scholarship

Francis Barron Award

Harold and Marion Gordon Scholarship

Harry and Netta Letzer Scholarship

Hudson Webber Foundation Trustee Tribute: Donald and Edna Castle Award

Jean P. Carl Scholarship

John Bills Award

Michael Berry Endowed Scholarship

MSU Law Alumni Association Scholarship

Myron & Doris Alpert Scholarship

Orange County Area Alumni Scholarship

Russell and Sue Ellen Buyers Scholarship

Shannon Abbot Scholarship

William Sells Scholarship

Office of Student Engagement Based Scholarships

The Harold E. Bledsoe Award

The Amy D. Bloomer Award

Other Scholarships

Irvin H. Yackness and June G. Yackness Fund

Edwin and Theresa Eliz. Oehmke Memorial Award

George Roumell Scholarship

The Edwin J. Kreski Award

The Louis J. Colombo Award

The Rodney Martin Lockwood Memorial Award

The Harold Norris Writing Award

The Alexander Petrellis Perry Book Award

The Helen B. Buchanan Memorial Award

The Stephen T. Roumell Award

Nicholas Wittner Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Professor Joseph D. Grando


Craig Callen Scholarship

Morris Family Scholarship

Phillip E. Greco Scholarship Fund

Wolfgang Mueller Expendable Scholarship Fund

James and Sandra Mendoza Miller Scholarship Fund

Wade McCree Endowed Scholarship Fund

Munro Family Scholarship Fund

TPI - Fieger Moot Court Scholarship

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