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Upcoming Events for Admitted Candidates:

  • February 9-20:  Alumni Luncheons - Chicago; Denver, Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Phoenix; Pittsburgh; Toronto; Salt Lake City
  • February 17:  Innovation in Legal Services:   MSU Law's LegalRnD Program (webinar)
  • February 21:  Dinner Hosted by Board of Trustees (Bloomfield Hills)
  • February 22-29:  Alumni Luncheons - Chicago; Columbus; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; Raleigh-Durham; Richmond; Washington, DC
  • February 23:  Washington, DC Meet Up with Current Students 
  • February 28:  Dinner with Faculty (Ann Arbor; Kalamazoo)
  • February 26-27:   Visit Program  (this program has reached capacity)
  • March 4, March 12, March 19:  Visit Programs
  • March 16:  Housing and Roommate Options for MSU Law Students (webinar)

Admitted Candidate Website

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Class of 2019 and welcome to the Admitted Candidate Site! You may access the site using the username and password that were included in your admit packet.